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Datuk Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat (born 15 November 1948) is a Malaysian fashion designer of Chinese descent based in the United Kingdom. He co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd, which became known for its handmade women's shoes.

mimi78 says, "I was really disappointed to see that the cork on this shoe started to peel after only a few weeks. I had to take it to the shoemaker within two months of having purchased this shoes. Very disappointing for Jimmy Choo. Shoe also fits about a half size small and is narrow."


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Nicky Barrett says

"Really bad. I have bought shoes from Jimmy Choo before. However, the online store is truly awful. I bought a pair of boots and a pair of shoes. They arrived and the shoes I loved but didn’t even try the boots on as I didn’t like the toe shape so returned them. They didn’t give me my money back. I heard nothing for over 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks later I had them sent back to me. They said they showed signs of wear and I hadn’t even taken them out of the box to try on. So I contacted customer services who basically said they stood by their returns team and in future would take pictures but refused to take the boots back or give me a credit note or my money back. Just beyond awful. It’s appalling customer relations."

sarah george says

"Avoid at all cost! Bought perfume Illicit and it brought my skin out in a red inflamed rash. Contacted the company to be passed about from pillar to post. For my hassle I was offered a discount voucher but because I live in Northern Ireland they can’t ship perfume to here. Everything else on the web site is extortionate and well above my price range even with the discount. Stay clear!"

Aga says

"AVOID JimmyChoo. The worst after-sales service I have ever had. I asked to find a solution for my silver bag, which I only used 9 months and nobody wanted to help me."

Ar Man Chan says

"Bad CS service. I bought JC worldwide in HongKong/ Tokyo/ LA. I’m a loyal customer. I bought bags, classic shoes, Pouch, Wallet, etc. in retail shops. Only in LA outlet, They were packing a missing dust bag. The dust bag can fit only one shoe; it doesn’t fit a pair of Shoes. N I sent an email to US customer service( provided receipt n pic of my case ) requested to send me the other one dust bag they rejected me n insisted say one pair of shoes come with one dustbag only, and tell me should contact back to the outlet. I feel like it is kicking me like football. So which mean your’s company dust bag suppose not for a pair of shoes???????? Overall. Backstage US customer service is suck. But worldwide retail shops n the LA outlet those staffs are friendly."

Natalie says

"nowhere on my initial order confirmation email does it suggest I paid either tax or duty, so once again misleading. Aside from that, there was never any online record of my purchase, in my account section on the website, so nothing online to suggest an order let alone tax or duty. I see very clearly complimentary shipping and returns, which in fact is not the case. I paid $575 and should be receiving $575 refund as nowhere was I notified of either until I had received the goods with a printed invoice outlining approx $53 for “duties”, this was the first I was notified in writing that such a thing was even part of the $575 sale. To be frank, it’s misleading and something like this in Australia would be deemed unlawful. Aside from that the amount of time it took to receive the parcel almost left me outside the 14 day return policy anyway. It’s ridiculous I’m out of pocket for an item that doesn’t even fit. The terms and conditions are not even listed on the same page as the delivery section, it’s at the checkout where I need to click and highlight a box acknowledging I’ve read it. I read about returns and refunds and terms/conditions prior to purchasing to ensure I would be refunded in full, and would never have taken the chance at purchasing if the company had of been more upfront about the potential for losing money. There was nothing to view on my account as I’ve already said, so I initially followed up via email to ensure the order was in fact placed, and then no indication of tax or duties until parcel was received with a printed invoice and by then it’s too late for me to cancel the order when I’ve already received merchandise. I went off the sizing chart on Jimmy Choo website, not other sizing charts online. I’m an 8.5 consistently with other shoes and yet my little toe is being cut into with standing still for a minute or two in the Misty120, not even walking, and I’m liable and out of pocket? Really poor business practice. Customer service reply apologising and stating they understand, but just words because clearly this company cares not care about misleading customers nor ensuring customer satisfaction. Be upfront and transparent on their site and on emails rather than unethical. I will not purchase another Jimmy Choo item again, and we all know what impact word of mouth has for a business. I will not be recommending anybody I know purchase Jimmy Choo that’s for certain. Cheap and nasty shoes with a high price tag and unethical practices can count me out as a repeat spender. I’ve always been reluctant to purchase online for this reason, and I will ensure I never do again. This experience has left me very unimpressed.  I’ve arranged for DHL to collect and return as per website instructions, because they were straight forward and easy to follow, imagine that! There is not any indication of taxes or duty on confirmation email of purchase. The shopping cart on their website also has no indications of tax or duty as part of the subtotal and a shipping cost of $0.00 therefore how am I supposed to know that there was in fact a tax of duty charge for my order as per terms and conditions?  No, your response is not acceptable. Jimmy Choo’s site and entire process regarding this is misleading so I do not appreciate or understand the replies in their customers email on behalf of Jimmy Choo as a business, outlining they understand. I wish I’d done a customer review prior to purchase it’s quite simple. Furthermore, as there was no duty or tax on the order at the cart, I actually assumed the item I purchased was coming from a store in Australia, not being shipped from UK, so thought that tax and duties was not showing because it was irrelevant to my purchase. It’s also very clear that one of the heels was a display as it has sweat marks internally from other feet upon receiving, prior to me trying on. But it’s like talking to a broken record. If there is one thing that annoys me about customer service it’s saying one thing and doing another, it’s like their customer service has a script that empathises with you, and then refers you to the terms and conditions. This company will not budge. Cut my losses and never shop with them again."

Julia Erskine says

"Seriously? I have three pairs of JC sneakers and every pair had a fault within days of wear! Customer service is ok, very polite and helpful but the quality of shoes is just ... poor !"

Tracey says

"I received a pair of sunglasses as a gift and within 4 months the jewels on the sides had fallen off. The Short Hills Mall location had me running around to the third party vendor they use to sell the glasses. The glasses are now discontinued and nobody within the company wants to take ownership of this issue. I would NEVER purchase another thing from the Jimmy Choo store at Short Hills Mall. Terrible customer satisfaction."

Denise Dragounova says

"The quality of the shoes went bellow standards and design of shoes as well. Might as well find similar pairs in Saturdays chinese market. And reading the reviews about customer service, it would take a lot to convince me to purchase again in future"

Lucy Gallagher says

"I bought a pair of £395 trainers from Jimmy Choo Selfridges London in December, I’ve wore the trainers about 6 times and when I last had them on noticed there was a hole in the trainer. When I contacted the company they told me that it was my fault and they would get them only repaired for me. My fear was the trainer would snap again so I rejected. Considering they are a high end, expensive brand they could not help at-all. Would not use again."

Gemma says

"One month ago I ordered some shoes online - they have yet to arrive, I’ve repeatedly been told my various complaints have been escalated which appears to be complete rubbish and, despite now asking for a refund given my shoes are nowhere in sight, have yet to see my money. They are acting like common thieves and it is disgusting that a high end retailer can get away with this."

Catherine Carmody says

"In all my experience purchasing from overseas and elsewhere I have never experienced such appalling customer service. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. They never return emails and there return policy is a load of B-------."

customer says

"I am very upset with a number of things! I purchased my wedding shoes from JC, I tried them on for my dress fitting, and the heel had twisted half way round. £500 shoes shouldn’t do this!! It has been over a week since I made the complaint to JC - AND STILL NO RESPONSE! My wedding is in a few months, and I am very concerned about the way they deal with their customers. It’s actually disgusting."

Hadiya Ahmed says

"After being a loyal customer for so many years I am so horrified at the bad service received this time I'm confident I will not order from then again. Absolutely no concern for the customer or going the extra mile to provide even decent customer service. Its like talking to a robot. So disappointed.. this used to be my favourite brand."

Paula Petra says

"The pair they sent me shows signs of wear. It looks like a display pair in one of their shops that has been tried on multiple times. My expectations were high as Jimmy Choo is a “luxury” brand, but it seems the quality and service is deteriorating. Customer service said they highly value their clients but their claim does not reflect the shoes they sent me, including the packaging which was like rubbish. Very disappointing!Returned the shoes for a refund. Will never purchase from them again."

Kasim Rizvi says

"ar's and em 223's"

andrea gabardo says

"I bought a pair of boots online, they arrived scratched, I tried to return them but the ID numbers on the receipt weren’t recognized by the JC System, I contacted the customer service 3 times but I received no answer, eventually I’ve been reached via email but they...just responded to the email without helping me in addressing their issue, so far I’m still waiting for support ... I Made hundreds of purchases on line and I never ever faced such a ridicolous situation. I’m disgusted."

Anh Doan says

"I don’t ever want to purchase online again. I didn’t know my size and purchased two of the same pair to be delivered to Australia, I returned one but I am charged the duties for both.... a pair of shoes that ordinarily costed $850 is now $964.... yet two pairs is $1700. Tax and duties are nonrefundable. I wish I knew this. I should have kept the second pair and sold it. So unfair. Their procedure makes no sense at all."

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